Do we anticipate future challenges in the lubricant industry?

The Lubricating Industry is evolving in a constantly changing world where most of the political and economic reforms leave an impact on its survival. However, given the threat of disruptive change in the lubes market, companies need to plan competitive strategies quickly and carefully, with a focus on extending their offerings beyond the core products.

Lack of Procedures

Retirement of technicians has always been a major concern in the lubricant industry. Because when baby boomers retire, they take with them a great deal of experience, knowledge, and subject matter of how efficiently they were performing their jobs.

The experienced person knows every sight, smell, and sound of their machines and their unavailability can hamper the operational procedure. So, it’s better to conduct a lubricating program to train and impart the best methods for creating step-by-step procedures.

Improper Sampling Points and Hardware

Oil analysis is an extremely valuable tool that is used correctly. It lets you track the health of the oil and machine and can catch failures before they become catastrophic. Therefore, it’s quite imperative to have the correct sample points and hardware to obtain all the benefits of oil analysis. You can achieve this by modifying the machine and taking insights consistently from “live” zones or areas inside the system where oil is experiencing turbulent flow.

Labelling System

Labeling forms an integral part of a world-class lube program. It reduces the chance of cross-contamination and minimizes confusion as to which lubricant is going where. The latest trend you can expect is barcoding the lube labels and allowing all assets in the plan to be integrated into the computerized maintenance management system.

It offers quite visual references and streamlines your work generation with the power of automation. The challenge is to pace up with the labeling system and adopt (LIS) Lubricant Identification System into your routine operation for integrated service and application.

For Lubricants, Paints & Coatings, Construction Chemicals, and Building Materials, we offer customized solutions as per your local market needs.

Stay tuned to know how Frigmaires Engineers are anticipating future challenges in the Lubricant Industry.

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