Ensuring Excellence in Lubricant and Grease Production

A comprehensive guide to optimize plant design and product quality.

In the intricate business of Lubricants and Greases, achieving product quality to meet API and NLGI specifications is of prime importance.

With years of experience behind us Frigmaires has optimized its design and knowledge to ensure that our customers receive highly efficient plants with a quick return on investment without compromising on quality.

With every plant we install we provide the below mentioned services to deliver products that meet API and NLGI standards.

  1. Raw Material Inspection:

The quality of raw materials is the bedrock upon which high-quality lubricants and greases are built. We offer advice on latest testing methods, specifications and standards required for inspecting and testing incoming raw materials and finished products before they reach the end users.

  1. Plant Design:

The production equipment, process and plant automation provided by us ensures maximum efficiency /Kg of final product manufactured.

  1. Precision In Formulation:

The key to unlocking the desired product properties that meet specific market needs. Our team of experienced consultants possesses the expertise to guide clients in developing and optimizing formulations, ensuring consistent performance across batches.

  1. Raw Material Sourcing:

We provided advice on meticulously selection of raw materials from reliable vendors, guaranteeing consistent quality that our clients demand.

  1. Sustainability And Automation:

Frigmaires commitment to the environment extends to our state-of-the-art production facilities meeting IGBC norms. Our engineers thoughtfully design equipment layouts, seamlessly integrating Automation, PLC, and SCADA-based systems to optimize production, minimize carbon emissions, and deliver exceptional finished products.

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